Sarasota's Favorite Family Attraction!

Established in 1939

Groups & Field Trip Programs Available! 

Special pricing available for groups 10 or more.

Sarasota Jungle Gardens offers an exciting group or field trip excursion!
Bring your students, class, school, family, church, or other group to the gardens for an awesome adventure! 

Our park brings the opportunity for your group to see shows, visit the petting zoo, and feed free-roaming flamingos right from your hand.
Explore our 10-acre zoological garden and have a wonderful time with your group. 
Our goal is to ensure that your group has the best possible experience here at the park.

School Field Trips:

Field Trip groups are able to experience the jungle in a new way with an itinerary-guided trek
Animal encounters are always a part of adventure groups to allow children to have hands-on interactions.
For groups larger than 35 members, a group-only Galore Show is provided.
This show has word repetition, animal interactions, and new science terms and concepts included. 
(This show time is at 10:30 AM or 3:30 PM. No exceptions unless coordinated prior to the event.) 
For groups smaller than 35 members, this show can be added for an extra cost. 

Field Trips are designed for School Groups that are Tax Exempt.
Tax Exempt forms must be presented prior to or at time of payment.
Teachers are free of charge and are to be listed as "free chaperones".

1 Chaperone Over Age 18 Required Per 10 Children


Adult: $11.99
Child: $  7.99
Show: $35.00

Non-School Groups:

Church groups, family groups, home-school groups, and birthday celebrations are all welcome at Sarasota Jungle Gardens! 
Groups over 35 members will have a private show provided in order to reduce seating pressure at our regularly scheduled shows.
This show time is at 10:30 AM or 3:30 PM - No exceptions unless previously coordinated.
 Groups under 35 members can purchase this private show or participate in one of our daily shows.

No itinerary provided. 


Senior: $13.99 + tax
Adult: $14.99 + tax
Child: $  9.99 + tax
Show: $35.00 no tax

If Tax Exempt, please present form prior to or upon payment.



What is EdExplore?

EdExploreSRQ is a platform that enables local teachers to find and allow their students to experience area learning opportunities with the confidence that that each learning exploration is reviewed and approved by school district staff. 
Each exploration is developed through education standards to increase student discovery of the arts, culture, and science.
The best partt of programs through EdExploreSRQ is the funding possibilities! 

Teachers can aplply to EdExploreSRQ for a grant for extended learning and discovery! Information can be found online or at the link below.

Sarasota Jungle Gardens is proud to be approved by EdExplore SRQ and its supporters. 

We are currently able to provide 4 programs through EdExplore:

Horticultural Hunters

Students will get to learn what a plant needs, how they grow, and even what they look like under a microscope!

Reptile Rangers

I'm sure you've heard...Reptiles are slimy! Reptiles are ugly! Reptiles are gross!
NOT TRUE! Come learn the real things about reptiles at Sarasota Jungle Gardens. We will teach you all about our reptilian friends and debunk some of the myths about them. Students will get hands on learning as well as a wondrous show. They will get to feed alligators and hold some snakes!

Fantastic Flights

With this fun and fascinating spectacle of flying friends, your group can learn just about everything there is to know about flying animals and insects. They will get to feed and interact with real flamingos, learn about birds of prey, see the rainbow of tropical birds, and even see and learn about butterflies!

Wildlife Explorers

Students will be guided through areas of the park and investigate for information on the animals featured. They will learn about habitats, life spans, diets, characteristics, and much more!

Click here to go to our provider page on the EdExploreSRQ Website.