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Welcome to Sarasota Jungle Gardens!

A tropical adventure awaits all who visit. One of the oldest continuously operated attractions in Florida established in 1939, Sarasota Jungle Gardens evokes memories of Florida days gone by. Full of flora, fauna and fun, yet it remains current and exciting for today's families, locals and tourists alike.

It is home to more than 150 native and exotic animals including birds of prey, different species of parrots and macaws, primates, small mammals, dozens of snakes, lizards, iguanas, alligators, crocodiles and other reptiles - many of them rescued or donated - including Florida's noted pink flamingos. All nestled within 10 acres of lush tropical landscaping connected by winding jungle trails.

Our new "Flamingo Cam," provides 24-hour viewing of the flock. The fascinating flamingos are a favorite among visitors who travel from all over the world to see the long-legged, pink-hued wading birds. The flamingos are not shy and often greet guests personally, sometimes face to face. Click on the image to the right to get a bird's eye view of our Caribbean flock in real time. You just might catch one of them splashing, flapping and strutting around. From this perspective you may also view guests' hand-feeding them or just strolling by. Sometimes the beauty and tranquility of the surroundings are the focus. Other times one might see the joy and thrill in a child's first wide-eyed encounter as they interact with the flamingos, egrets, ducks, swans, pelicans and other wildlife just passing through. All of this can be viewed from anywhere in the world. With one cell phone call to their online friends or relatives, visitors to Sarasota Jungle Gardens can be seen feeding and admiring the flamingos live. Plus, this is a great tool for students, lovers of wildlife, and those who want to stay connected to the Gardens even when they are away from Florida. You never know what you might see.

Some other noteworthy features of the Gardens include daily bird and reptile shows that are as educational as they are entertaining. The after show question and answer time and a wide variety of one on one animal interactions, including holding and posing for pictures, provide the reason many folks come back year after year. For the youngest visitors, our newly renovated playground, feeding our Koi fish, sounding the 'all aboard' signal on our beloved wooden choo choo all provide countless hours of fun.

History of Sarasota Jungle Gardens


This Florida attraction has roots that run deep. To step into Sarasota Jungle Gardens is to take a step back into time. More than 70 years back in time.

Sarasota Jungle Gardens first came into being in the early 1930s when a local newspaperman by the name of David Breed Lindsay purchased 10 acres of land just west of U.S. 41 with grand plans to develop the virgin subtropical jungle into a botanical garden. A friend and neighbor, Pearson Conrad who was the owner of an adjacent nursery, shared those same dreams and suddenly a larger plan emerged as Conrad charted streams, planned lakes and provided additional plantings from his nursery.

Importing thousands of tropical plants, trees and flowers from all over the world, hand picked because they would flourish harmoniously with native species, the Gardens gradually began to take shape. Some of our prized possessions include the rare Australian Nut Tree, a Bunya Bunya tree, the largest Norfolk Island pine in Florida, Bulrush, Strangler Figs, Royal Palms, Selloums, Banana Trees, Peruvian Apple Cactus, Staghorn Ferns and native Red Maples, Oak Trees and Bald Cypress. Read more »

Our People

Sarasota Jungle Gardens’ animal department staff is comprised of a number of educated, experienced and devoted people. Possessing a variety of specialties, our staff is very familiar with all our “residents,” be they birds, mammals or reptiles. Collectively, our personnel have over 50 years of animal-handling experience and education.

Staff members in the animal department have a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and Science. They have attended such renowned schools as Johns Hopkins, Penn State and Drake universities.

At Sarasota Jungle Gardens, all of our animals are well cared for and we proudly note that we exceed the USDA and Florida Fish and Wildlife guidelines. We also have strict requirements for all animal husbandry.